Different types of digital marketing modules you should know before hire a marketing agency.

All businesses of the world run on the basis of marketing only. With every passing day, marketing is gaining so much more importance. In such a case, hiring a digital marketing company would lead to a high amount of confusion as to the kind of strategy you must opt for. Essentially, nobody knows your business better than you and hence you must be the one deciding which marketing module would be best for you.

Following is a guide describing the different kinds of marketing modules. The next time you are looking forward to hiring a marketing agency, you would clearly know the kind of company you need.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is till date the strongest marketing module in the market. The algorithm has changed several times over the years and keeps on changing pretty often. But, the aim is very clear: to get you and keep you higher up on the Google Search Page list. Almost all type of businesses can hire Hp Sangha SEO agency and use their services for ranking on search engine.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising: This refers to the sponsored links in the web engine searches. They are the completely short-term type of marketing. The moment you stop paying the ad ceases to exist. PPC is similar to SEO. In this method, you pay to be higher on the search engine results page rather than making an effort to appear on the organic list.
  • Public Relations: Public relations cannot be the sole form of marketing module you opt for. It creates a huge impact in the digital space and cannot be overlooked. It is all about exposure. Its main aim is to popularise your business via articles, news talks, interviews, events, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing: This type of marketing is slowly gaining a lot of popularity considering the amount of time people now spend on the social media websites. It allows you to interact with your customers and directly talk to them. This is a great way to establish trust and connect with the potential customers.
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing is a package from heaven. It is a combination of SEO, PR, and social media marketing. Utilizing them in harmony could ensure major profits provide a severe boost to your business. It encourages good content that your customers would choose to read and this would promote your business, company and hence boost your profits.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing stands for hiring someone else to do the work for you. One hired affiliated to draw leads for your business. If they successfully acquire a customer then one has to share the profits with them. It is especially great for e-commerce websites and companies. In simple terms, it is like paying the salespeople commission. This method is slightly risky and hence you must set your boundaries.

Every marketing module has its pros and cons. You must measure them carefully and then decide upon a suitable marketing module for your business which fulfills your needs efficiently.

Digital Marketing in Dublin – An Emerging Industry

The industry that never stops is one and only, we recently spoke to one of the Digital Marketing Agency Dublin businessmen. It constantly evolves latest customer acquisition tactics, new strategies of marketing and even growth channels. In today’s world, the social web is growing like a virus and becoming a strong platform for marketing. With the rise of numerous formats and new channels, the social web has become a top-notch way to reach out to the target audience.

A devoted marketer in Dublin constantly obtains new skills to learn and understand the usage patterns that keep changing with time.

The rise of the internet marked a definite shift in marketing strategies as the shift to digital marketing happened. Over the years, the rapid development of new and exciting forms of technology on the internet has been mirrored by the advancement in marketing strategies. While ad banners mimicked traditional pamphlets or billboards, advertisers soon realised the potential of online marketing.

In the previous years, digital marketing became the biggest budget segment, even surpassing TV marketing for the first time. Digital marketing has become more competitive than ever before with more and more brands vying with each other trying to grab hold of the short attention span of the users.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind as a marketer in Dublin keep ahead of the race:

Getting the Right Influencers

Repeatedly, surveys have found that millennials don’t pay attention to traditional ads. If it’s obviously an ad, then they will simply ignore it and move on. What digital marketing service providers have slowly realised is that leveraging popular online celebrities’ fan-followings provide better returns on investment.

Potential customers are more likely to watch ads to support celebrities they like, and they are much more likely to buy products or services endorsed by popular personalities they support. Businesses that want to attract a wide demographic need to diversify their marketing strategy towards using social influencers as their brand ambassadors.

Motorola’s launch of the Moto Z and its moto mods relied largely on thirteen influencers and powerful YouTube presences with varying audiences. These led to over 38 million social impressions and an estimated eighty thousand first-time visitors to Motorola’s mod store.

Utilising New Video Technology

Videos have long been understood to be one of the most useful digital marketing tools, giving excellent returns and click-throughs. With 3D videos, digital marketing is taking the next step forward. It’s been predicted that within a few years, 3D explainers, particularly the animated ones will become a standard fare for businesses.

To keep ahead, many businesses will start asking for online marketing that includes 3600 videos and Virtual Reality videos. Savvy digital marketing companies should start preparing for it.

Ikea, for example, has a virtual reality setup that allows customers to ‘see’ potential buys in their own homes. Practical and simple, this sort of application that allows for easier home-shopping will have a visible impact on sales in the near-future.

Mobile Marketing

The number of mobile searches has won over desktop searches over the past year. With this news, as well as Google’s Mobile-First Indexing being fully functional, 2018 digital marketing strategies must be strongly mobile focused.

Already, businesses with an understanding of the market dynamics have started cleaning up their mobile digital marketing strategies. Digital mobile marketing has so far taken into account things like keeping your website compatible with mobile browsers and fully functional as well as fast-loading on any mobile OS and browser.

Truly, the new mobile marketing strategies are required to promote customer engagement. iCrossing’s work with Ashley Furniture was a remarkable case in point. Ashley Furniture did not even have any online presence, but the campaign created social media pages for the brand and associated them with philanthropic messages, increasing their popularity immensely.

Use of AI for Marketing

Starbucks’ chatbot, which helps customers order through voice commands or messages, is credited with its steep increase in Starbucks Rewards membership. Google’s RankBrain algorithm is a good example of how much AI is already capable of, and businesses that do not learn fast will be left behind. Chatbots are a popular way that digital marketing strategies are leveraging AI, but they are only the tip of the iceberg.

Predictive analytics through AI is already being used to provide an insight on things customers are most likely to respond positively and other user behaviour patterns from large data sets. It will also provide you with better website content that is optimised to reach your target audience.

AI technology is underutilised even by the most influential advertising firms because it is a new paradigm. Experts predict that digital marketing will be revolutionised through the use of AI, and the first signs of it are already present in 2018.

Businesses looking for success must invest in a digital marketing strategy that encompasses all of the above mentioned challenges. Many businesses in Dublin are reluctant to change, or unaware of how to take the step forward. This is where an experienced digital marketing company may help you with devising the right strategy to promote your brand, products or services. If you are looking to boost your online business with effective digital marketing services, Contact us today.

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